Fancy a quiche?

Yes please. But a traditional egg and bacon kind. None of those fancy ones that Lorraine made.

Who Is Sharon Benedict?

Who is King Arthur? Who is Medusa? Like all of these, Sharon Benedict is a hero the world never knew it needed. Her name is written in the stars and her reputation is something most people can only aspire to.

Am I Sharon Benedict?

No. Only Sharon Benedict knows who she is. If you ask someone “are you Sharon Benedict?” and the answer yes, they are of course lying. To be sure you should simply declare “I am not Sharon Benedict”. From the other person the correct response is “Neither am I”

Why should we celebrate?

Is there anything we can help with?

Well the planet seems to be on a one way course to destruction. So how about we help it out? But also, don’t be a dick.

if tuesdays are eggs benedict day, what did they eat the rest of the week?